Машиностроения 2-я, 9а



Мытищи, Попова ул.



ул. Шаболовка, 30



Свободы ул., 4



улица Маршала Катукова, д.11к2


1905 Street

Звенигородское шоссе, 13



Старый Арбат, д. 51



ул. Большая Бронная, д. 29


Metropolitan opportunity for a comfortable temporary residence.

At the moment, more and more people wanting to visit the capital metropolis, puzzled only question: where and how to find a decent and economical shelter? More recently, the only available opportunity to spend a few days in Moscow were checking in at the hotel room. In today's world a worthy alternative to hotel accommodation, which opened for numerous tourists and visitors a great opportunity to select a suitable temporary housing - such as "rent a flat."

At the moment, offers capital offered not just a regular free rooms with minimal facilities, and good and comfortable accommodation in a city apartment. All modern "apartment in Moscow" for the temporary accommodation of settling with the latest technology, with all the possible situations. Refrigerator, Internet access, satellite TV, dishwasher and comfortable furniture - this is not a complete list of equipment leased city apartments. Needless to say, that the guests in the apartment hotel always provides clean bed linen and access to the city water supply.

So what are the main causes of urban housing to rent for a daily base rate:

• This rental is comfortable and profitable. You are given complete freedom to choose the best option, "an apartment", which is suitable for your purpose of stay in the capital and to your needs.

• This option is economical and practical apartments. You do not need to pay for each person living in the apartment - rent "apartments" involves paying a fixed cost, excluding residents of guests.

• Apartments with daily payment help feel free capital metropolis and relaxed. You decide when and with whom to go back to the room and how to spend evenings. If you seek the services of a hotel, you have to follow many rules, which are usually perform while at the hotel.

• Living in an apartment hotel makes you feel at home, comfortable and adjust to organize your life and do not adhere to the rules of the endless hotel accommodation.

All modern apartment for rent can be divided into several classes, depending on the equipment and amenities: economy class housing is equipped with a minimal set of necessary facilities and premium apartments provide all possible facilities for a comfortable and decent rest. Everything else you can easily find an apartment for rent with the required number of rooms, to make the most comfortable stay during his visit to the capital metropolis.